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The first platform to bridge CRM, marketing, and customer engagement into one harmonious suite of productivity.

Build Brand Advocates

Build Brand Advocates
PeopleVine for your Brand

Building a brand advocate requires a series of strategic interactions coupled with personalized communications and recommendations, which PeopleVine can help you build. Once they're on board, they're not only loyal to your brand for life, they become brand advocates.

I'm a Brand

Focus on Strategy

Focus on Strategy
PeopleVine for Agencies

As an agency, you are better suited for delivering strategic initiatives to help build brand awareness, increase brand engagement and ultimately help your client become a recognized brand. PeopleVine provides you with a platform to achieve these goals in less time and with no development.

I'm an Agency

Start Your Business

Launch Your Business
PeopleVine for Startups

You have a great idea, you know how to execute it and you need to go to market tomorrow, but you still have to develop the technology. You're in luck as PeopleVine provides over 60 out of the box components to help you launch your concept as well as the most robust API in existence to make your system even better.

I'm a Startup

A Solid Set Of Features

Each designed to work independently: Or even better together.

Sell with PeopleVine


Bringing together a suite of tools to help you generate revenue while creating new opportunities to increase cash flow. Sell via the eCommerce Marketplace, charge for a membership or subscription, sell tickets to an event, or even book appointments online.

Sell to People

Reward with PeopleVine


Go beyond rewarding for how much they spend: reward people for engaging and being loyal to your brand. Reward with loyalty points to be redeemed in your eCommerce marketplace or at the point of sale—or even reward with offers they won't find elsewhere.

Reward People

Engage with PeopleVine


Keeping your customers engaged is key to growing a long-term relationship. PeopleVine provides a suite of tools from interactive contests to ratings and reviews to surveys and forms designed to help you engage your people. Couple this with our campaign engine to increase customer engagement.

Engage with People

Connect with PeopleVine


Your customers, fans, your followers—your people—are connecting with you across multiple delivery platforms such as mobile, social, email, and SMS. PeopleVine assists you with building campaigns, notifications, and automation in order to ensure your message is delivered in the format they're expecting.

Connect with People

Your Customers

Helping You Maintain Relationships

At the core of PeopleVine is our robust CRM engine designed to leverage every interaction and every piece of data to create targeted marketing across email, SMS, and Twitter.

Responsive Design for a Unified Experience

Over 60 out of the box pages designed to look great on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. PeopleVine is a turn-key solution for creating a unified experience through every interaction.

Responsive Design

Automate Your Relationship

We'll Do the Work For You

By leveraging our robust campaign, notification, and keyword engines, PeopleVine does the work for you in keeping your customers engaged with your brand.

Powered By PeopleVine

A handful of companies that have powered a campaign to their entire business with the PeopleVine platform:

Falcon Boxing Gym

Falcon Boxing Gym runs their membership and customer reach with PeopleVine

Live Nation

Launched an Instant Win Scratch Off Contest with PeopleVine


ModemText runs their entire front end operation, recurring billing and support with PeopleVine.

Rosati's Pizza

Launched an Instant Win Scratch Off Campaign with PeopleVine in an effort to create return business through coupons, offers and prizes.

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